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Department of Physics and Astronomy
Howard University, Thirkield Hall, Room 105
2355 Sixth Street, NW
Washington, DC 20059

Phone: (202) 806-6245
Fax: (202) 806-5830

Dr. Quinton L. Williams

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Driving Directions

From the South(Springfield, VA)

GoNorth on I-395 toward DC, cross the Potomac on the 14th streetbridge.Follow the signs for I-395 (you will curve right after crossingthebridge and then take a right-hand offramp in order to stay onI-395).Exit at Massachussetts Avenue. Make a left on to Mass. Ave. atthe endof the offramp. Make a right on 7th Street. You are now headedNorth.Continue for approximately 2 miles, past the Howard UniversityHospital(7th Street has now turned into Georgia Avenue), then make aright onHoward Street (this puts you on campus). Make a right on 6thstreet. Thephysics building will be on your left.

From the North (SilverSpring, MD)

Exitthe Beltway (I-495) at Georgia Avenue South (Exit 31). Stay onGeorgiaAve for about 6.5 miles past the beltway, or about 4 milesinside of theDC city line. Then, make a left on Howard Street (thisputs you oncampus), and then a right on 6th Street. The physicsbuilding will be onyour left.

From the East(Greenbelt, MD)

GoWest on Route 50 into DC. Make a right on Florida Avenue (just pasttherailroad tracks). Follow this for about a mile and then make aright on7th Street NW. You are now headed North. Continue forapproximately 0.25miles, past the Howard University Hospital (where7th Street has nowturned into Georgia Avenue), then make a right onHoward Street (thisputs you on campus). Make a right on 6th street.The physics buildingwill be on your left.

From the West (Manassas,VA)

During the morning rushhour (5:00-9:30 AM)

GoEast on I-66. Take exit 62, towards Fairfax (South): right at theexitfork just off I-66 (where left goes to Vienna), then left forktoFairfax (where right goes to Metro). Merge onto Nutley St. Southandfollow this through one traffic light (0.8 mi). Turn left onto LeeHwy(Rt.29), and follow this for about 3 mi, through N.Lynn St.,towardsthe Theodore Roosevelt Bridge. Merge onto I-66, and cross theTheodoreRoosevelt Bridge, after which I-66 becomes Constitution Ave.

After the morning rush hour(after 9:30 AM)

GoEast on I-66, into DC (take no exits), over the TheodoreRooseveltBridge, after which I-66 becomes Constitution Ave. Go East ontheConstitution Av., and make a left on 7th St. You are now headedNorth.Continue for approximately 1.5 miles, past the HowardUniversityHospital (where 7th Street has now turned into GeorgiaAvenue), thenmake a right on Howard Street (this puts you on campus).Make a righton 6th street. The physics building will be on your left.


Mostofthe streets in the area have metered parking. Invited visitorscanobtain a parking pass at the Physics Office, Room 105. In thiscase,please plan to arrive at least 30 minutes before your appointment.

Public Transportation

The Washington Metropolitian Area TransitAuthority (WMATA)hasmetro (subway) access to Union Station (train) and Ronald ReganNationalAirport (DCA). There is no direct metro access to DullesInternationalAirport (IAD). Take the metro to the Shaw/HowardUniversity stop on theGreen line, exit on the north end (the one thatsays Howard Univ), andwalk north on 7th Street (which turns intoGeorgia Ave). Go past theHoward University Hospital (on your right).Turn right on either WStreet or Bryant Street, and then after 1 blockturn left on 6th Street.The physics building will be on your right.

Metro Map


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