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  Tristan Hübsch  
  Department of Physics and Astronomy || Department of Mathematics  
  2355 Sixth Street, NW || 204 Academic Support Building B  
  Washington DC 20059, USA  
  tel.: (202) 806-6267, -6245 (main office), -5830 (fax)  
  e-mail:   thubsch@mac.com,   thubsch@howard.edu  


My Books: Calabi-Yau Manifolds --- A Bestiary for Physicists The Bestiary
(World Scientific, Singapore, 1992; hardcover) [ WSci ] [ A ] [ B ]

+ 2nd, corrected and expanded edition, 1994, paperback: [ WSci ] [ A ] [ errata ]
for reviews, see: Physics Today, 6/93, p.93-94 (by E.Witten),
and Zentralblatt für Mathematik 773 (1993)#53002 (by J.D.Zund).
Cover photograph by Donna D'Fini.
An unsolicited opinion : “If you have ever wanted an explicit answer to the question, ‘What, exactly, is a Calabi-Yau manifold?’, this is the book you are looking for. Clear, far-ranging and full of brilliant insight, it is also a stylisitic masterpiece, which is rare among math and physics books.” (rick1138, 11-04-2003, 11:39 PM; from www.physicsforums.com’s archive).
Also, see the Amazon.com review.
Fundamentalna fizika elementarnih čestica [ ispravke ]
(Fundamental Physics of Elementary Particles, in Serbian)
(Prirodno-mathematički fakultet, Departman za fiziku, Novi Sad, 2011)
  Advanced Concepts in Particle and Field Theory
(Cambridge University Press, July 31, 2015, harcover) [ CUP ] [ A ] [ B ] [ errata ] [ FAQ ]
Adapted from the Publisher’s web-site: Uniting particle physics and quantum field theory with gravity and general relativity, this textbook of fundamental and theoretical physics describes the quest to consolidate the basic building blocks of nature. Designed for advanced undergraduates and graduate students it provides a conceptually unified and logically consistent understanding of all matter at the fundamental level through worked examples, detailed derivations, as well as historical, philosophical and methodological commentary.
– “If you do not expect the unexpected, you will not find it.” – Aristotle

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